//How To Choose The Right Keywords For SEO by Vadym Kevin Zyabkin

How To Choose The Right Keywords For SEO by Vadym Kevin Zyabkin

While there are a thousand and one ways of improving SEO, the use of keywords remains unvanquished. Keywords open the door to the right audience to let in quality — and not quantity visitors to your website. There’s a problem, though; finding the right keyword.

I won’t recite that your choice of keywords is the cornerstone of your success here. So I’m here to help you hit the nail on the head — find on-demand, less competitive keywords to take your marketing efforts to the next level. Let’s go.

NOTE: Her, I’m assuming that you already know what your niche

Put Yourself In The Shoes Of The Customer

If you have to find the exact keywords that searchers will type on the engines, you’ve got to think like them. What would they type if they’re searching for your product or service? If you answer that, you’re on the right track. Sometimes, you can ask close friends about how they’d frame the search to compare it with what you had initially thought.

Grok What Long Tail Keywords Are

A keyword is not only a single word, but also a combination of words and phrases. This combination is what’s termed as a long-tail keyword. They’re often less competitive and help you to describe your product or service better.

Utilize Keyword Research Tools

Statistics about keywords are only visible on search tools. They provide competition, related keywords, trends, and other data. Such data helps you evaluate the viability of the keyword(s) you’ve chosen.

Spy On Your Competitors

You aren’t in that niche alone. Competitors are there, and they could be ranking higher than you. Feel free to enter their websites and catch a glimpse of the keywords they’re ranking for. It’s nothing offensive.


The ones above are the leading keyword research hacks verified by MashOn. They’ll not only draw traffic into your website but also win the attention of the right audience to increase your conversion rates. Don’t leave out any step!

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