//Screen Capturing Softwares For PC

Screen Capturing Softwares For PC

Whether you want to create How-To videos, or just include your screen capture for your own personal use, having a good screen capturing software can make or break you in the end. Here, we run down the top 10 screen capture softwares for windows available today.

#10 – iSpring Free Cam

The best part about this software is its price: free. iSpring Free Cam comes equipped with its own audio and video editor, and have a user-friendly, easy to use interface. It cannot record webcam video or save to file formats other than .WMV, so beware. Great for beginners and great to play around on, because it’s free!

#9 – DVDVideoSoft’s Free Screen Video Recorder

This software offers free and convenient screen capture and microphone audio recording for voice overs. It allows exports into multiple picture file formats. Unfortunately, it only saves video in AVI format and the excessive amount of ads inside the software can slow you down or make it hard to use.

#8 – ShareX

The first thing to know about ShareX is that it’s open-source and ad-free. You can import existing videos into your editor and add customer watermarks and color effects, but if you’re planning on using it for game recording, expect low quality. If you’re planning on using it for webcam recording, expect no quality, because it doesn’t support it.


#7 – CamStudio

Great for the once-in-a-while user, CamStudio offers a wide variety of video options and allows you to create different quality videos. Unfortunately, if you plan on using this software more regularly, you may run into problems with a lack of tech support and potential malware.

#6 – EZVid

EXVid is quite possibly the world’s easiest screen recorder, and they lack nothing in quality. Full HD, included background music, and automatic uploads to YouTube are all some of the great features on this completely free software!

#5 – Camtasia Studio

Though the price may scare you away (almost $300), the 30-day free trial will convince you that this fully functional video editing software for screen captures is one of the best out there!

#4 – MadCap Mimic

Try it for free for 30 days, pay for a year, or buy a lifetime usage license. Either way, you will be using one of the top screen capture softwares out there, exporting to a multitude of formats, including MP4 and PDF. Get stuck, multi-lingual tech support is available all of the time!

#3 – FlashBack

Popular in the student/teacher area, this $49 piece of software will help you do everything you need to make an educational video. You can zoom pan, and even use your webcam.

#2 – TinyTake

While there is no free trial period, users of TinyTake can share files, record video, create custom shortcuts all for as little as $29.95 a year. The price goes as high as $200 per year ad includes even more features.

#1 – Screencast-O-Matic

Use it for free, or pay anywhere from $9 to $250 per month. Either way, you’ll be happy with the user-friendly interface and the wide array of options, including Vimeo publishing, and multiple computer capturing.

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